Review: FOLKLORE FANTASY Bushman/San Art & Books on SA Artist’s Exhibition

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An afternoon well spent in the company of informed art lovers and the enchanting paintings and publications of Sas Kloppers. I am referring to the FOLKLORE FANTASY Bushman/San Art & Books on SA Artist’s exhibition at the Elno Art Gallery, Centurion. This excellent exhibition presented by Future Art Era is structured around the Bushman/ San art inspired paintings of Sas Kloppers and his publications on South African and Namibian Art and Artists. Both the paintings and publications reflect over the long and dedicated career of Sas Kloppers the artist and publicist. Works of guest artists, Anton DK, Daniel Mosako and Gert Potgieter, furthermore support this well rehearsed and tastefully presented exhibition. Well done to Louise Boshoff whose endeavor made this possible. It was truly refreshing, on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Kloppers paintings include own work as well as a body of work of contemporary Bushman/San artists that is part of his personal collection. The paintings are well supported by photo documentation and written discussions. The viewer is hereby assisted to understand the mythological complexities, yet simplistic beauty of Bushman/San art that so often lacking full comprehension by the western mind and its contemporary thinking.

Inspiration by Bushman/San art is one thing, but interpreting that inspiration into one’s work is another. It is no easy task. The danger of literal interpretation is always a threatening companion. The naivety of form constantly luring the artist to conveniently disregard what their art is all about – its content embedded in the mystery of the minds of the oldest inhabitants of this planet. This is what makes the work of Kloppers so remarkable. His work does not reflect mere imitation of Busman/San art but rather using elements of the San visual language to tell us about his own life. In particular, his close relationship and passionate interaction he has had with them and their art.

The publications of which a copy of most that Kloppers has had involvement with as publisher, researcher and writer are on display and forms an integral part of the exhibition. It indeed completes a full library of a lifetime of work. The publications include books on WH Coetzer. Coert Steynberg, Ann Vorster, JH. Pierneef, Tienie Pritchard, Namibian Artists, Adriaan Boshoff, Andre de Beer, Artists of the Waterberg, and his latest publications, Ode to the Miner and Hennie Niemann.

These books are indeed an attribute to any art book collection. Well written, well researched and excellent quality. Falls good on the eye feels even better in hand. Information in abundance for connoisseur and student.

Good news for those who were unfortunate not to attend the opening. The exhibition has been extended to run until 28 February 2016.


By: The Critic

ELNO ARTS invite: Folklore Fantasy Bushmen SAN Art & Books on SA Artist’s – Sas Kloppers 16 – 21 Feb 2016 in Centurion

Sas Kloppers exhibition poster pc version final

ELNO ARTS invite: Folklore Fantasy Bushmen SAN Art & Books on SA Artist’s – Sas Kloppers 16 – 21 Feb 2016 in Centurion.

Also featuring South African Artist’s Daniel Mosako, Gert Potgieter & Anton DK.

A presentation by Sello Seanego – Saturday 14:00.


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About Sas Kloppers

I mounted my first exhibition in 1990 in Swakopmund, Namibia, on invitation of the Die Muschel Gallery, exhibiting a series of works inspired by the rock art of the Brandberg. Since 1990 I have exhibited widely in South Africa and Africa. Africa’s colour, rhythm, lore and rituals serve as inspiration for my work. I interpret all in my own style, medium and technique, subtly incorporating earthly materials when called for by the theme.

“. . . images not out of step with a culturally re-awaking continent; of Africa’s striving to empower herself through the invocation of her myth and mythology; bring to the fore what is often missing in contemporary African art, the spirituality that underlies African cosmology and trans-symbolism.”



Among others

1999                                Pretoria Art Association

1998, 1999 & 2003     Roodepoort Museum, Folklore Fantasy: Transforming the oral into the visual

1999                                Die Muschel, Folklore Fantasy, Swakopmund, Namibia

2000                                Dusk Exhibition, Groot Marico

2001                                Die Muschel, The Land and its People, Swakopmund, Namibia Opened by Mr Sam Nujoma

2001                                The Whale House, Folklore Fantasy, Hermanus

2001 & 2002                 Volksblad Arts Festival, Folklore Fantasy, Bloemfontein (guest artist of NALN)

2009                                GR von Wielligh’s 150th anniversary, The influence of Von Wielligh’s text on my work, NALN,

                                          Bloemfontein (guest artist)

2011                                Paul-Jacques Art Gallery, Pretoria


Among others

1990                                Die Muschel, Folklore Fantasy: Transforming the oral into the visual, with Frans Claerhout, Steven

                                          Townley Basset  and  Joan Schrauwen

2000                                Art and Images, Maun, Botswana – Opened by President Ian Khama

2000                                Jan Cilliers Laerskool, Johannesburg, with Hennie Niemann and Frans Claerhout


Among others

  • ARC (Agricultural Research Centre) – Irene, Pretoria: 12 works on indigenous cattle in early Africa; presented to the representatives of 12 nations attending the International Meat Symposium
  • Cape Union Mart: a series of designs for garments based on Bushman/San mythology
  • Logo for SEMDSA (Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of SA)


Among others

  • Alexander Forbes; three works on African folklore
  • Hatch International; two works on African folklore
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Johannesburg
  • The Spiritual Society of Colorado, USA, Dream and Reality, Bushman/San mythology
  • A series of nine works on Bushman/San folklore for private ethnological collection, Germany
  • ESCOM, Randburg


  • Bloemfontein Arts Festival (two in succession) – part of NALN programme
  • Roodepoort Cultural Centre
  • Roodepoort Museum in collaboration with the National Cultural Museum, Pretoria
  • Pretoria: ARC, International Meat Symposium SA
  • Kimberley Art Festival
  • GR von Wielligh 150th anniversary (The influence of his writings on Sas Kloppers’s work)


RSG (Radio Sonder Grense, South Africa) and NBC (Namibian Broadcast Corporation)

Printed media: South Africa and Namibia